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Experienced Professional Staffing
in the Real Estate and Mortgage Field

We look forward to helping you find employment.


About Title Tech Staffing

Title Tech Staffing is a training and staffing company built to create jobs and opportunities for those seeking to become part of mortgages, banking, titles, escrow, and the many positions needed in the world of real estate. We proudly provide employment opportunities Nationwide.

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Contact us to find out more about the training and positions we offer to eligible candidates.

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Sign up and receive training to prepare you for one of the many careers in real estate.

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Start working and enjoy all the benefits of gainful employment in a thriving field.


We value the people we serve and those who work for our company. Get to know the team helping you find employment.

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Candidates are welcome to reach out to Title Tech Staffing to take advantage of various job opportunities with competitive wages ranging from $35,000 to $70,000. Positions in real estate include mortgage loan officers, escrow assistance, title examiners, closers, and escrow processors.

Our collection of employment opportunities extends to other fields as well. Other positions available include post-closing specialists, underwriters, bank tellers, order entry, tax specialists, remote workers, data processing officers, and bank marketing representatives. Candidates can also find work-from-home opportunities through us.

Get Trained

Get Trained

Our training provides the skills and insight you need to work in any of the mentioned positions.

Start Working

Start Working

You can build a successful career in banking, real estate, escrow, and other essential fields.

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Why Choose Us for Employment

Title Tech Staffing is a prime training and staffing company that helps clients build fruitful careers in various fields like real estate and banking. Our goal is to ensure candidates have the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in our available employment opportunities.

Many people are only separated from potential careers by proper training and connections to achieve a position at a reputable company. We ensure our clients have a wide array of directions to go in their professional endeavors, including mortgage, escrow, banking, and title positions.


Reach out to Title Tech Staffing to start training and move into a reputable position in real estate, banking, or any of our other opportunities. Please Submit your resume to the Email listed below and one of our Curative Associates will reach out to you to find a career fit for you in the Real Estate and Mortgage Field.